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Helping Battersea Dogs and Cats Home November 11th 2015

I first met Rosie Fortescue a couple of years ago and we started talking about our dogs! Rosie was always my favourite “Made in Chelsea” girl - we decided that we both wanted to help Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and since Rosie and I each have miniature dachshunds - mine is Daphne and hers is Noodle - we designed a shoe together embroidered with our little “daxies”! So the Little Dax shoe was born. A gorgeous black suede Hefner style slipper with the Little Dax embroidered across the front of both shoes.

I then met up again with Rosie and the wonderful and amazing charitable gifting staff at Battersea and it was decided that we would donate a hefty £50 from every pair of shoes sold from this unique collection to help with the never ending task of rescuing and caring for abandoned animals.

Next week we are having a launch party at Ellis Street and have invited other Dax owners to come and eat hot dogs (ooops!!) and drink champagne and meet Rosie and her delicious little Noodle and me and my gorgeous Daphne - so I look forward to seeing you there!

My husband and I have had a variety of dogs and cats throughout our very long married life (over 40 years!!) and every one of them has been so special and so loved by us and the children and now the grandchildren. We are very lucky to have an enormous garden in the country and we started our pet cemetery about thirty years ago. Many old customers of French Sole will remember Pip my sweet and possessive Norwich terrier who would growl and mumble every time a customer walked into one of my shops if he was having a snooze on the chairs - Pip featured in many TV adverts and was a well known personality in Chelsea where he would patrol the pavement in front of my house in Markham Square for hours on end. Pip had a twin brother called Jack who stayed at home with our other dogs in the country and he also had a sister called Doris who lived down in Kent with a great friend of mine - Doris would sit on the floor of my friend's Aston Martin right between the brake and accelerator pedals on almost all his car journeys. Not very safe but she was happy and very much loved.

Now I have just two dogs - my third Jack Russell called Tuxia and my crazy, mad and untrainable dachshund Daphne. 

The one question people always ask me is ” do your dogs eat your shoes?’ 

The answer is yes.

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