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Annabel’s Nightclub, Alice and French Sole February 01st 2016

Collaborations are always inspiring and to work alongside anyone with strong ideas is always a challenge for me as I am “never wrong”! However, when “great minds” think alike - the end result is often spectacular, which is exactly how Mrs. Alice for French Sole came about.

Alice Naylor-Leyland had been a loyal customer of mine for many years and just for fun, we suggested she designed a shoe for us. Alice writes the wonderful blog, Mrs. Alice in her Palace - all about her stylish life and love of fashion and she is a well known fashion influencer and muse and writes for several influential magazine and newspapers.

We spoke briefly before I left for Los Angeles and while I was there, Alice called and said she had so many ideas that it would have to be a full collection - and so the Mrs. Alice for French Sole collection was born. Alice is all about restraint, careful editing and attention to detail - nothing gets past her eagle eyes and she misses absolutely nothing. The ideas she had were whimsical, quirky, Alice in Wonderland with a muted and restrained palette of pink, nude, leopard and burgundy, all within the trusted format and signature of French Sole.

We decided to launch at Annabel's in Berkeley Square - my old stomping ground and that of all my contemporaries and we were joined by Alice, family and many friends and everyone had a fun night of cocktails, dinner and dancing!

I am delighted to share some images of the night's celebrations and also, most importantly of all, the Mrs. Alice for French Sole Collection.

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