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‘Kick off your Heels’: Team Flats! May 24th 2016

The debate surrounding heels versus flats in the workplace seems to have stirred much discussion and controversy around appropriate dress codes in the office recently. More than 100,000 people including a number of MPs have signed a petition to ban companies from making high heels a condition of female dress codes. I am very much in agreement that formal flats should be considered a highly suitable alternative and no woman should be forced to wear heels.  I am such a believer in this that I have continued to produce and design both comfortable and stylish flats for my brand French Sole.

This debate not only applies to the workplace but also the red carpet. At Cannes Film Festival last year disputes erupted after reports that women were turned away from a red carpet screening for not wearing heels.  This prompted actress Emily Blunt to state “I think everyone should wear flats”.  I am in complete agreement! 

Alongside myself, many celebrities are now opting for flat shoes.  Some examples include French Sole Ambassador, Chef and TV Personality Gizzi Erskine; Model Caroline Winberg, Model and TV Personality Alexa Chung; Supermodel Kate Moss; even Fashion Designer, Victoria Beckham who is known for her sky-scraping heels, seems to have opted for flat shoes this year.

I founded French Sole with the strapline, ‘Kick off your Heels’ which seems incredibly relevant following the recent coverage. After all, this season sees the “return of the ballet pump” according to Grazia, so embrace this summer’s trend, and slip on your comfortable and fashionable ballet flats!

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