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Happy New Year and a huge “thank you” to Hugh Hefner! January 15th 2018

Christmas and the New Year are now safely over. The turkey carcass has been thrown away, the decorations are back in the attic, thank you letters have all been written and posted and finally the New Year's Resolutions written out and stuck onto the fridge door for a quick reminder, should I lapse and forget them.

This Christmas for me was dominated by my newly “retired” status from French Sole and to celebrate this wonderful state of complete liberation, I decided to follow the sartorial example of the permanently “in bed” look favoured by Hugh Hefner (Playboy? Yuck!!) for as many years as I can remember ever having been aware of him, this old codger has spent his entire life 24/7, only ever wearing silk pyjamas and a robe with matching velvet smoking slippers on his feet.

Since I  named a hugely successful collection of velvet slippers I designed for French Sole after this reptilian old man, the least I can do is to credit him with my new found passion for wearing pyjamas all day long.

Yes - all day long!! I have a huge collection of pyjamas by Cyberjammies, Olivia Von Halle, Tea and Crumpets and Chelsea Peers, but only very recently have I looked upon these as a form of possible day wear. But if old Mr. Hefner can do it - and it was a huge fashion statement last year, then I can easily adapt my rather formal dress style to fit the new pyjama craze.

So it was that after all the Christmas celebrations and the usual round of drinks parties had quietened down, that I decided to spend a couple of days lounging at home  wearing my favourite pyjamas, a silk dressing gown and a pair of beautiful which I wore with my all-time favourite black velvet French Sole Hefner style smoking slippers, adorned with the gold Queen Bee embroidery.

I dressed it all up a bit with some diamond earrings, my gold Cartier Ballon Bleu and a dash of bright red Chanel lipstick with of course a liberal dousing of my signature perfume The Night by Frederic Malle - which I considered to be highly appropriate since I was wearing traditional nighttime attire!!

I will admit to wearing a light cashmere vest underneath, just to add some warmth, as I spent a lot of time walking my dogs in my new get-up !! We have several acres of land and since we are overlooked by nobody,  I kept my modesty - but it was strangely liberating to walk for an hour or so in the cold fresh air wearing pyjamas!!

My absolute favourite pairs are all by Cyberjammies but I also have several pairs of very beautiful silk pyjamas by Olivia Von Halle which I buy on-line from Netaporter and some really horrendously ugly ones from shops such as Peter Jones or John Lewis.

The secret to all this I found was to wear the pyjamas as one might wear a beautiful trouser suit - loose of course with the top button left open - I like side pockets on the bottoms, so I walked around a lot with my hands in my pockets with the open robe flowing behind me!

So Mr. Hefner, I owe my new “comfort” look entirely to you - thank you very much and here's to a happy 2018 of wearing pyjamas all day long!

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