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More Questions and Answers, An update May 06th 2019

A regular question I often get when bumping into my old customers from the early Munster Road or Ellis Street days is - “What ever happened to…” followed by the name of one or more of my amazing girls who were all such an important and integral part of the French Sole story back in the heady days of the Charity Sales and Princess Diana.

I still keep up with several of my favourites -  the totally gorgeous Chloe Saxby went on to become a successful theatre director, my adorable and dearly loved Itsy Foster (sister of my greatest friend Boozie) who was always in and out of Kensington Palace taking shoes backwards and forwards to Princess Diana or her staff, married the film producer Ben Boultbee (stepson of Sir James Mancham the first President of the Seychelles) and lives a happily settled life with Ben and her two daughters in Australia.

Lucy Hooton who I have known since she was twelve years old when she was just about to start at Woldingham, came to run French Sole retail and the Ellis Street store which she opened for us and continued to work on until her marriage to lovely Peter. She has two gorgeous children Harry and Millie and lives a “Yummie Mummy” lifestyle in Barnes.The amazing Maria Ribeiro Xavier wowed everyone when she arrived with her style and personality and worked for French Sole as a store manager for twelve  years - she is now the mother of my treasured fourteen year old granddaughter Bee -  who is also our model for the Queen Bee shoes and a pupil at St Georges, Weybridge.

Lucy Choi became our first managing director and worked like a maniac, focused brilliantly on every aspect of the business, which she helped to grow and then left to start her own highly successful eponymous shoe brand in Connaught Street, Mayfair.

Rebecca Stone (Becky) was a treasured friend to me as was Zenouska Mowatt - both these girls worked tirelessly in and out of the stores doing their brilliant press work, running the Brook Street offices and the showrooms, making all the best contacts French Sole ever had  and organising, supervising and starring at all the best of Press Days  and society collaborations.

Becky now heads up the press and PR team at Sweaty Betty and beautiful Zenouska (last seen at Princess Eugenie's wedding wearing an amazing red dress!) heads up PR and marketing at Halcyon Days where she is adored just as much as we adored her.

I hope this answers some of your questions about my “special” French Sole girls . I was often accused of only employing friends or family - well what's wrong with that? They were always the best!!!

The images are a few taken of me a couple of weeks ago with my lovely and super successful friend, the shoe designer Snowy Li (S. Novio) when we met for lunch at my one and only favourite restaurant “The Ivy” in Chelsea.

I am longing to hear all your news, so please get in touch!
With love,

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