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Happy Valentines Day February 09th 2012

Valentines Day is a special celebration, I’ve decided to tell you a funny Valentine story…one that might sound familiar! I have also invited Emma Forbes to share her Valentine’s ideas with us too!

I have been busy all week preparing my store in Ellis Street (Sloane Square, Chelsea ) for our Valentine’s Day special shopping extravaganza!! We have decided to offer every single shoe or handbag that is either pink or red or shades of ....at a 50% discount just for the day only. From 6pm until 8pm the girls in the store will be offering a glass of pink champagne, cupcakes and kisses to all our customers !!

Already the news seems to have leaked out and we have had telephone calls from half the Made in Chelsea cast asking for an extension to the shopping hours specially for them!! Everyone at French Sole loves this programme as French Sole really was “Made in Chelsea” and all the girls in the show are our regular customers at both Ellis Street and the Kings Road stores.

With all the excitement, I found myself wondering what the fuss is all about ? What is the true meaning of love and the one day of the year when we can all openly or secretly tell the one we love how we feel really about them.

I have been very happily married to my husband for the past thirty five years and every Valentine’s Day without fail he sends me a bouquet of quite the most hideous and tasteless flowers imagineable . They arrive from an unknown florist somewhere in the countryside and usually consist of unattractive South African flora with some English hedgerow stuffed into an enormous oasis pot , tied with disgusting red fake ribbon , a few dying roses and a couple of stems of something “plastic” are stuck in for good measure.

Every year I say grimly “thanks for the flowers, but next time can I have pale pink tulips or peonies , better still a beautiful orchid” ....it falls on deaf ears.Last year’s bouquet was so terrifyingly tasteless that it had to be hidden away from the critical eyes of my stylish girlfriends who were all coming to lunch the following day! In it’s place, I bought from the wonderful Longacres Nurseries at Bagshot a huge bunch of pink peonies and shocking pink roses which I carefully arranged into my finest Waterford Crystal vase and placed on the grand piano in my sitting room and yes you’ve guessed it - the little card from my husband was placed on the top !!!

Guest Blog

Television presenter and radio presenter Emma Forbes offers stylish lifestyle solutions on her website Forbes Style

‘It’s that time of year that really divides us, some of us absolutely love to love Valentines day and really indulge in it in all its glory, whilst there are others who honestly cant think of anything more cringey. I am firmly in the first camp: I truly love Valentines day and all its trimmings! I adore the kitsch side and could get easily carried away with naff purchases, so I have to be careful ... since no man wants a teddy saying ‘I love you!’.

Here are some of my top Valentines tips on how to make it a truly romantic day…for more inspiration check out my latest book Life and Soul, which is packed with delicious recipes and style ideas!! 

It is strictly for two - banish the children if you have them…. Champagne is a must…nothing else will do! Adorn a paper tablecloth with lipstick messages and kisses and there MUST be roses - a single stem or bunches….And finally, what is top of Emma’s gift list this year? Well, French Sole Love Hearts of course!

How fantastic are the Love Heart ballet pumps from French sole! These are just too cute, and once you pop them on, everytime you look down you’ll be reminded of Valentines day!! I cant wait to get my hands on a pair!


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