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Goodbye to All That ……… April 18th 2013

Today we said goodbye to the wonderful, remarkable and truly inspirational Baroness Margaret Thatcher. We said goodbye to the last politician of true and genuine conviction of the greatness that is Great Britain. We said goodbye to a woman whose dedication to duty, resolve and strength of conviction was borne out of loyalty and honesty and not out of grandiosity or personal gain.

Today, from the sadness of our goodbyes in St Paul’s Cathedral emerged a new Thatcher star. An amazing, glorious, beautiful, calm and exquisite young woman wearing her Grandmother’s pearl necklace as she read from the Book of Ephesians from the Old St James Bible – Lady Thatcher’s granddaughter Amanda.

I truly believe we witnessed the passing of the baton before our very eyes from one amazing woman of her times on to a future “world changing” woman of times yet to come. Amanda looked picture perfect in every detail.

Her hat was absolutely correct, the length of her coat, the height of her shoes, her shiny natural shoulder -length hair was groomed to perfection. Her make-up was light, lipstick sparing and emotions in check.  She had style, balance, poise and control and was softly and beautifully spoken in a gentle Texan accent.

How proud Lady Thatcher would be of her granddaughter, if only she had witnessed this utterly charismatic performance from the “Star of the Show”. If Amanda Thatcher was the only legacy that the Iron Lady had left for us – it would be a legacy of everything that any grandparent would be deeply proud of.

My own personal memory of Lady Thatcher is of meeting her at the Ritz Hotel a few years ago. French Sole were holding an exhibition of our shoe collection for a Press Party in the Marie Antoinette Suite on the ground floor. Lady Thatcher was on her way into lunch in the main Restaurant and so had to pass my very handsome son Ben and his beautiful American wife, the author Jennifer L. Scott.

As she stopped to speak to them she spied the shoes and came into the Suite and looked around at everything, spoke to everyone and then said very loudly and grandly, “What Beautiful Shoes” ………. I was in heaven!  I felt flattered, immensely proud and grateful that she had bothered to spend time complimenting us all. So…. Amanda if you ever want a job at French Sole!

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