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Dear Carole….. June 21st 2013

The new Royal Baby watching is beginning to start in earnest as magazines, news media, radio and television, bloggers and Tweeters are getting into a frenzy of speculation. Will it be a boy or girl? What names will be chosen? Who will be at the birth? What colour will the nursery be? And so on ....... I have to admit that I am just as intrigued and will be completely thrilled when we hear that lovely Kate and William have welcomed their firstborn into the world.

All this has started me thinking about how Carole Middleton will be feeling, expecting her first grandchild. I know my life changed the day that my first little grandson was born and I am now the proud Grannie to five of the most adored and adorable grandchildren on the planet! Well I would say that wouldn’t I?

It is my personal bet that Carole will be at the birth and that she will be holding Kate’s hand throughout and that she has already been to some pre-natal classes with Kate and I am absolutely certain that she will have attended all the scan appointments and also knows if this little one is a girl or a boy. I doubt that Kate has wanted her family kept in the dark and that both she and William will have lovingly involved the future grandparents in every aspect of the pregnancy. If Carole is excited and anxious now, this is nothing to how she will feel when Kate goes into labour.

All the Middleton ladies have been customers at French Sole for many years and Carole is charming, peaceful, stylish and controlled. She is polite and gentle and I imagine her to be a most loving mother to all her children - but as a grandmother I predict a level of grandchild worship and spoiling that only I could possibly exceed!



I was present at the birth of first granddaughter - as I was my daughter-in-law’s chosen birth partner together with my son. I took my duties very seriously. I counted contractions, Dettox wiped the entire hospital (Chelsea and Westminster) meticulously including the floor! I brought beautiful clean pillows from home , provided soft fluffy towels, Dextrose sweets , home-made soup and God knows what else, with my housekeeper on standby for extra cleaning and disinfecting where required!

Watching the delivery of my granddaughter and hearing her ear - splitting screams of protest at being disturbed from her peaceful and comfortable environment (nothing has changed, she still enjoys a long lie-in bed with a snack on a tray and some good “telly”) filled me with a love so great and overwhelming which I am happy to say has not decreased with time.

This particular granddaughter Bee came to stay with us from a very early age, about four days old and she has been a regular visitor ever since - in fact there has hardly been a week when she has not spent at least one night with us since she was born and I expect exactly the same will happen with Carole and her Royal grandchild.

Had the wonderful Diana been alive to be a part of her treasured son’s new role as a father - I also think that just like Carole, she would have been a completely amazing Grandmother. What will Carole be called I wonder? I am called Grannie and Grannie “Winkie by my grandchildren - I am betting that Carole will be called Grannie too! The two pictures shown here of me were taken with my granddaughter Arabella as a newborn and my granddaughter Bee then aged seven.

So, the million dollar question - will it be a boy or a girl?

I do hope that this little Royal baby will be a tiny Princess and follow in the footsteps of her lovely mother, her aunt and her grandmother and be a French Sole customer as I am launching my new range of tiny Ballet Flats for little girls called the Princess Collection early next year. Good Luck Carole - a wonderful and fulfilling new life for you is about to begin and you don’t have to get up for the night feeds!

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