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Californian Life February 25th 2014

It has been almost two months now that I have been residing in my home in California. I have been soaking in the sunshine as much as I can, and the Santa Monica beach is my go-to spot for relaxation. The longer I stay here the more and more fascinated I become with the Californian lifestyle.

Recently, the big thing on the news has been the California drought. Taken so seriously that Obama came to address the issue! Now, I’m used to a “drought” being 3 days without rain in England, but in California the enormous lack of rain effects the local farmers and environment immensely. So it’s intriguing to me to see so many people making an effort to help the environment here.

Being “green” and recycling is a huge part of the California lifestyle. Everywhere you go you see people walking around with their reusable bags. No one even goes to the market without their reusable bags in tow.  The markets actually charge you 10 cents to your order if you need a paper bag! People are also incredibly passionate about recycling. Even on the beach you can find a nearby recycling bin.

Another fascinating occurrence is how the poor and homeless are involved in the recycling movement. Whether it be in the dumpster outside an apartment complex, or at an outdoor mall you can see homeless people digging through garbage to find recyclables. They then take these bottles and cans to the recycling plant where they can trade them in for a small amount of money. So essentially even if some people don’t recycle the homeless will do it for them!

In spirit of embracing my inner Californian I decided to try out yoga on the beach. All over the beach you will find groups of people doing yoga and exercising right out in the open by the waves. I headed off to my seniors beach yoga class (haha) only to find hundreds of people in a massive yoga class! Apparently there is a movement where hundreds of yogis connect and do an enormous yoga class together!  Totally mind blowing.

I feel so lucky to be in such a beautiful place full of sunshine and new things. I become more inspired every time I stop into the shop and think of the many ways to grow and improve my brand. California’s been a dream!


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