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Bravo and Farewell Daria June 23rd 2014

Yesterday, Sunday June 22nd I was honoured to be a guest of the English National Ballet at the final farewell performance of Daria Klimentova who hung up her pointes to retire at the end of a stunning performance as Juliet in the Ballet’s absolutely amazing production at the Royal Albert Hall of Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet.

I have followed Daria and her incredible career over many years and her partnership with Vadim Muntagirov (now departed from the ENB to join the Royal Ballet) has produced the most emotionally electrifying moments in classical ballet and for me their partnership is every bit - if not more - intensely moving as the amazing Margot Fonteyn and Rudolph Nureyev back in their heyday of the early to mid sixties when I first saw them perform this very same ballet together.

The performance was fabulous and at the finale , the entire company and staff of the English National Ballet came onto the floor with huge, enormous baskets of flowers and bouquets rained down from all the front row seats until the floor was a carpet of gold decorative baubles mixed with thousands of fresh flowers.

Photo Credit: “Romeo & Juliet in-the-round” by ASH

Daria looked happy, exhilarated, thrilled and overjoyed at the huge outpouring of love and admiration from not only an audience of 5,000 devoted ballet fans all standing , clapping and calling out “Bravo Daria” - but the intense emotion from the company and the staff , most of whom were trying hard to hold back their tears . Standing quietly to one side, Vadim clapped and watched the dancing partner that he has adored for years take her adulation, receive her flowers and as she kissed and embraced everyone, he clearly was fighting back his own tears .

Then Daria walked over to Vadim, embraced and kissed him and handed him a bouquet of white flowers - it was the end of an electrifying, magical and perfectly wonderful partnership that has inspired young dancers the world over and given the greatest pleasure to old and seasoned ballet fans such as I for many years.

Daria and Vadim - thank you and to you dearest Daria .... BRAVO.

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