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London Fashion Week - 2015 February 23rd 2015

I have been involved with London Fashion Week for over twenty years, since Betty Jackson asked me to design and supply all the shoes for one of her amazing shows.

One of the questions that I am repeatedly asked is what do I wear and what are my favourite labels?

I do try to buy British whenever I can and like millions of others I adore Paul Smith, Betty Jackson, Bruce Oldfield, Amanda Wakeley and Issa and try whenever I can to buy from them.

However, I have a passion for Chanel jackets, a life long love affair with everything Armani and please God, keep me out of Hermes!

My staple wardrobe for the winter revolves around my gorgeous French Sole boots - I have every style from chinchilla fur lined suede Cavalli Boots to the extra long over the the knee Pandora (named after Lisa Vanderpump’s lovely daughter). These I wear with Chanel skirts in various black and grey boucle wools, a black leather Isabel Marant jacket or a variety of Oscar de la Renta jackets that I have collected over the years.

I have a collection of cashmere sweaters by a little known company called CLU and these see me through the worst of the British winter although most of my time in winter is spent at my home in sunny California.

During the summer, if I am not travelling, my wardrobe staples are jeans, jeans and more jeans (always J Brand 811)  worn with crisp white Anne Fontaine shirts and a Chanel jacket and of course my favourite flat ballet pumps from French Sole.

Another question that haunts me every time I give an interview or participate in any sort of Q and A session is “whose shoes do you wear if not your own?” Well I am in the fortunate position of making all my own shoes to my own designs and for the most part I hate high heels, I absolutely loathe and detest shoes made in China - the leather is terrible, they are cheap and uncomfortable and having been to the shoe factories in China and seen for myself the terrible working conditions and appalling child labour used - this pretty much rules out most high street brands of shoes which leaves only Manolo and Christian Louboutin - but my all time favourite for a really delicious, stylish, ultra gorgeous pair of heels is the amazing Walter Steiger.

This shoe designer is the very best in the world and ranks above and beyond any shoe designer I can think of and I know them all ! I am lucky enough to own several pairs of shoes from Steiger and they are amongst the most prized items in my closet.

London Fashion Week is full of new up and coming young designers and many don’t make it - but it is a great showcase for British fashion and I applaud it. 

As I grow older, I buy less - but still something draws me like a magnet to my old haunts of Chanel, Hermes, Armani and guess what ? Now to Zara!!

Yes, I recently discovered the wonders of the Chelsea branch of Zara, located a stones throw from my flat and from that moment on I have been a devoted customer - for summer skirts, tee shirts, basic shirts and even the odd pair of trousers - Zara never disappoints me - however it’s not British is it?

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